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Smart Building Solutions

Digital21 allows you to take control of your business environment with smart building solutions that leverage the latest technology and Internet of Things. We offer commercial applications for everything from multi-room audio and video to lighting and security. Automation helps increase productivity and efficiency while making being at work more enjoyable. You also improve the customer experience, offering them the connectivity and environment they expect.

Impressive Presentations

Whether your focus is wowing your clients, or simply ensuring your own team have access to the technology they need to be effective, Digital21 can provide smart technology for seamless, smooth meetings. We can assess your space and recommend a smart strategy that incorporates everything you need for your boardrooms.

With our smart office services, presentation tools such as smart boards and high def displays will impress your clients and allow your staff to remain productive without the worry of technical difficulties. Smart office solutions keep the technology clean and professional with discrete cabling and wireless solutions that provide connectivity, communication excellence and high-quality, engaging presentations.

Inspired Smart Office Spaces

Today’s smart office services help your business anticipate needs and remain energy efficient. From lighting that responds when you enter the room, to blinds that automatically adjust to the outside light, to soothing music to keep people stress free to perfectly adjusted temperatures, our smart building solutions are designed to encourage productivity by creating comfortable spaces. Our team can assess your office space and look for new ways to improve focus and help people feel at ease in their work.

Meeting Client Expectations

Your clients will have basic expectations when visiting your office including connectivity and access to communication technology. It is important to present your business in a modern light. We can introduce the latest office environment features from presentation equipment to an impressive sound system. You can create a better first impression with smart office technology that sets the right mood from climate control to lighting. When your team can easily access office features using their phones, you demonstrate your commitment to efficiency and conveniences that make your clients’ lives easier.

Smart Security for Businesses

Managing a business is never easy. By reducing worry, you can focus on remaining profitable and meeting the needs of your clientele. With a smart security system, you can gain peace of mind. Today’s smart buildings allow you to monitor the most common threats to your business. This includes theft by staff or customers, vandalism to your property or improper procedures that put your business at risk. With a smart security system, you can monitor your business from anywhere, allowing you to gain control of your operation. You can collect video footage to prove staff has behaved inappropriately as needed.

This can help ensure compliance for office protocols whether they are to follow industry standards or your own office policies. You can also ensure the safety of your team with the added protection of video surveillance.

Let our team provide smart building solutions for your business. Reach out to our experts today.

Our Process



Give us a call or fill out the form on our website. Tell us about your vision for your connected home. One of our Customer Service Associates will get in touch to arrange a free consultation with one of our skilled designers. We’ll meet with you on site or at our convenient Burlington office.


After our consultation our designers will create a design package and estimate that is customized to your needs and specifications We will meet again and present you with your customized plan, making any adjustments required to meet with your expectations.


Once you are happy with the design, it’s time to connect it all together! We will work with you, your builder or contractor to create a convenient workplan and begin the installation process. It really is that simple.

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