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Surveillance Camera Installation

At Digital21, your safety is our top priority. We offer smartphone technology compatible with our home security camera installation to protect your family and property in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, and across the GTA. Using the latest in surveillance camera technology, we can ensure every corner of your home and property is monitored to help keep an eye on everything. You will have a security system that considers every aspect of surveillance allowing you to monitor your home from anywhere, 24/7.

Surveillance Camera Installation

Our team of security experts can help you feel safe knowing your home and valuables are being monitored 24/7. Our home security camera installation is designed to protect your property whether you simply need a single analog day/night camera or a full arsenal of PTZ IP cameras. Today’s wireless video surveillance systems offer an excellent security measure to monitor your property inside and out.

Wireless Home Security Systems

Our wireless communication networks and applications provide secure cellular connections that alert you and local authorities when there is an event at your home. You can ensure your family is safe when you are away, and also reduce the risk of criminals interfering with your property. With wireless security, intruders can’t cut the wires that connect your security camera installation and your monitoring system. As well, wireless systems offer mess-free installation and can easily be moved and expanded to meet your needs.

Smartphone Monitoring

Digital21 offers security camera installation that allows you to monitor your home using your smartphone. You can keep an eye on your home from anywhere. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids and pets are safe and can take action if you notice anything that needs your attention. You will also receive alerts if monitors are triggered by unknown activity.

Reduce Risk for Intruders and Crime

Criminals will avoid homes with signs indicating you have surveillance camera installation for your security system. They will look for cameras before choosing a home to break into. This reduces the risk for intruders scouting your property and breaking into your home. It’s not just intruders that require monitoring. If you have helpers in your home from babysitters to dog walkers and house cleaners to landscapers, you can monitor their activity to ensure they are doing their jobs safely and effectively.

Home Insurance Discounts

With a security camera installation, you will pay lower premiums for your home insurance. Because our surveillance cameras allow you to monitor potential break-ins, fires, and even water damage. You can reduce risk, which can save you money.

Recording Evidence

With Digital21’s surveillance camera installation, not only can you monitor, but also record events at your home. This will provide you with evidence to share with the police should intruders enter your home. Surveillance cameras can be set up to also watch the street from your home, which can be shared should crimes occur in your neighbourhood. Video footage can prove to be a vital link to criminal acts on your property or on your neighbour’s property.

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