Home Lighting Automation

At Digital21 our team of home lighting automation experts can provide automated lighting solutions ideally suited to your needs. We can create a customized smart home lighting system that allows you to control the lighting throughout your household and property from your smartphone whether you are home or not. Lighting automation not only keeps your home lights burning but also helps you manage energy use and improve your security.

Why You Need Home Lighting Automation

The conveniences of today’s smart homes always include home lighting automation. A smart home lighting system offers the following benefits:

  • You can automate any light in your home or property both inside and out. This reduces the risk of accidents and also heightens home security.

  • Automated light systems allow you to customize the lighting in your home including the level of brightness. You can set the mood whether you are entertaining, reading, cooking, studying, or watching a movie.

  • Automated lighting allows you to create a more elegant setting when entertaining or seeking a little romance.

  • You’ll save on energy costs as you can manage your entire household and property ensuring lights are only used when necessary.

  • Lighting systems can be managed through a master control, but also be programmed to work from an app on your smartphone or other devices such as tablets. This provides control from home and when you are away.

  • Lighting can become a key component of your security system including movement sensors, and timing to ensure limited lighting makes it appear someone is always home.

We make home lighting automation easy with customized solutions to suit your budget.

Centralized Lighting

You won’t have to worry about lights being left on anymore. Your smartphone will control all the lighting in your home inside and out so when it’s time for lights out, we’ve got you covered! No need to go from room to room with an automated lighting system. Instead, just check your phone and turn off the lights in the rooms that aren’t occupied using your automated lighting system.

Reduce Energy Bills and Help Save the Planet

Using your smartphone, you can make sure you are optimizing energy usage. Your lights will be on in the rooms and areas of your property it is needed and controlled inside and out so you never waste energy. Your automated lighting system also improves energy efficiency using smart bulb technology for brightness control without the need for specially installed dimmer switches.

Exterior Lighting Features

Add curb appeal to your home using exterior lighting features. Your smart home lighting system can create an elegant, modernized look to your home in the evening using effective, strategically placed exterior lighting to accent the most impressive features of your home. You can also improve your landscaping using exterior lighting so you can enjoy your gardens at night.

Beautify your gardens, patios, paths and pool areas with controlled exterior lighting solutions that allow you to extend the enjoyment of your outdoor living into the night. Professionally installed exterior smart lighting systems also increase the value of your home.

For more information about our home lighting automation solutions, reach out to our team today.

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After our consultation our designers will create a design package and estimate that is customized to your needs and specifications We will meet again and present you with your customized plan, making any adjustments required to meet with your expectations.


Once you are happy with the design, it’s time to connect it all together! We will work with you, your builder or contractor to create a convenient workplan and begin the installation process. It really is that simple.

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