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TV Mounting

The practice of mounting flat-screen televisions to the wall is a common occurrence in many Canadian homes. Not only does a TV wall mount installation save space, but it also improves the overall viewing experience and creates an uncluttered look that boosts your interior design.

The days of bulky TV stands and entertainment units have been replaced by the sleek look of your flat screen on the wall, but not all TV mount installation is created equal. At Digital21, we offer professional TV mounting services that ensure your TV is in just the right spot for safety, function and design.

Benefits of Professional TV Mount Installation

For many homeowners, mounting a TV was made for DIY, but there are several benefits to having your flat screen mounted by professionals. These include: 

Your TV Won’t be Crooked – No matter how hard you try, getting that TV mount perfectly straight is often a losing battle. By using a professional, you can be certain that your television won’t be crooked when it comes time to sit down and watch. 

It is the Proper Height for the Room – Finding the ideal height is something that many people don’t even consider, but a professional knows precisely where to put the mount to meet your needs. 

No Damage to Your TV or the Wall – Let’s face it, many DIY mounting efforts end up with some gouges out of the wall or even worse, a television falling onto the floor and breaking. With a professional doing your TV wall mount installation, your walls and TV will be safe. 

It Will Look Great – Wires hanging down, a crooked television and a mount that’s too high or low does nothing for the aesthetics of the room. You want your TV wall mount to look perfect, and choosing a professional is the best way to accomplish that. 

A Range of TV Mounts to Choose From

There are a handful of different types of TV mounts available to choose from that will appeal to different needs, desires and budgets. The most common ones include:

Low Profile Mount – This type of mount is very close to the wall and doesn’t tilt or swivel at all. It’s a basic mount that is usually the most budget-friendly.

Tilting Mounts – A tilting mount is also installed close to the wall, but it has the added feature of tilting back and forth slightly. The mount doesn’t move up or down the wall but works well if the mount isn’t at eye level.

Articulating Full Motion Mounts – if you like the idea of pulling the TV out from the wall when it’s time to watch, then a full motion articulating wall mount may be just what you need. With this mount, your TV will tilt up or down, pull it away from the wall and swivel it in any direction.

Motorized Mounts – As the name suggests, a motorized mount will do the work for you, turning the TV to the right or left, up or down with just the push of a button. This type of TV wall mount is the ultimate in convenience and high-end design.

Trust Digital21 for Your TV Mounting Service

Don’t take chances when it comes to mounting your television to the wall. Contact Ditigal21 today for professional TV Mounting that will give you peace of mind and the viewing experience you deserve. 

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