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Soundproofing & Acoustical Treatments

At Digital21, we understand how distracting your surroundings can become. We offer acoustical treatments for your home or business to help prevent disturbances for you or your neighbours. With the proper acoustical insulation, you can reduce distractions whether it is coming from the next room, the floor above, or even coming from outside sources. We can prevent the transmission of sound whether you want to reduce noise from your site or reduce noise coming into your space.

Soundproofing with Acoustic Insulation

You don’t need a massive concrete slab or wall to reduce sound. Instead, Digital21 uses acoustical treatments that blend in with your environment. We help soften sound and stop sound from travelling. We can address any form of noise reduction including room-to-room, one-way sound issues, vertical airborne sound or impact sound such as footsteps.

Insulation Sound Control

Most people think of insulation in terms of maintaining comfortable temperatures and a way to reduce energy consumption. However, insulation is also designed to offer some level of sound absorption. We install revolutionary acoustical insulation products that combine the benefits of R-Value performance in hand with extremely effective noise reduction. The installation of acoustical insulation boards does not contain harmful chemicals making them an eco-friendly, family-friendly solution.

Professional Soundproofing

Not just any contractor or handyman can install effective soundproofing walls. Our Digital21 experts offer soundproofing solutions customized to your needs. We will visit your site and inspect your walls and ceilings to find the best and most affordable plan to reduce sound. Your installation project will be completed with little interruption to your life. We respect your space and ensure your home décor reflects your sense of style.

Keeping the Peace

If you find your home (or business) is prone to noise issues, acoustic insulation can help keep the peace. Your home is meant to offer relief from the busy world. Family life can still be hectic within the home, especially when the noise produced by TVs, sound systems and computers travel from room to room. When this happens it can cause disruptions and conflicts that can interfere with family life. By soundproofing walls in your home, you can allow each family member to enjoy their own music and entertainment without interfering with the activities of each other.

Reducing Outside Noise

The noises produced in your community can also interfere with your home life. From road and air traffic to construction and noisy neighbours, reducing the noises from your community can help you enjoy a more peaceful, stress-free life. By soundproofing walls in your home, you can greatly reduce the noises from outside, allowing you to enjoy better sleep and much-needed downtime.

Containing Your Noise

In some cases, you might actually want to contain your own noise. Whether you play in a band and need practice, have a woodworking shop with noisy tools, or even just like to crank up your music, acoustic insulation allows you to live your life at the volume you prefer. You can ensure your neighbours aren’t disturbed while still enjoying your favourite pastimes.

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