Your Connected Home Experts

At Digital21 we bring home comfort to the next level offering uncompromised quality in home security, automation and entertainment to homes and businesses throughout Burlington, Hamilton, and Southern Ontario. Home automation touches every aspect of your home providing complete control from anywhere. Smart home installation is customized to your lifestyle whether you need home entertainment, security, lighting or complete automation. Let us bring your home into the digital age.

Convenient Home Automation

Home automation allows you to create the perfect level of comfort in all aspects of your lifestyle. From perfect lighting and temperature controls to greet you when you get home, to playing your favourite playlists when you cook dinner, the home of the future can be yours today. Our connected home experts set up everything to work like magic from a centrally controlled home automation system that works using simple commands.

State-of-the-Art Home Theatre

Get ready to be entertained! Everything you love from sports to superheroes can be enjoyed from the comfort of home with our state-of-the-art modern home theatre systems. You will be blown away by the finest picture and sound quality, taking your home theatre experience to the next level. We bring the latest innovations in theatre technology into your home from full UHD resolution to audiophile sound.

Mind Blowing Home Audio

Surround yourself with the soul-soothing sounds of your favourite tunes with mind-blowing audio solutions from our home audio experts. Leading-edge sound solutions fill your entire home with music, providing complete integration with your smart home automation. Our professional team of experts will create wall to wall sound customized to meet your needs.

Programmable Lighting

Part of your complete home automation set up includes the ability to control and program your lighting. This is an excellent way to manage your environment while also adding a level of security and energy efficiency. You can program, your lights to turn on and off, create the perfect level of lighting to set the right mood and keep your home more secure with lighting timed to ward off intruders. With smart home lighting, you have complete versatility with an adaptable lighting system that is customized and programmable.

Safe and Sound Security

Protect your home from intruders with a home security system that can be managed and monitored from your phone. You can keep track of everything in your home and know your family is safe. Set your alarm, monitor the arrival of your kids, and get notices when a possible security event occurs. Smart security systems offer peace of mind knowing your home and family are completely protected.

Leading Edge Wireless Networks

Connect your tablet, PC and smartphone to your home network and the Internet with a comprehensive home wireless network. You can control everything from your favourite devices anywhere on your property with a Digital21 wireless network installation.

Working with Home Builders

Start things right with plans to build a smart home from the very beginning. Digital21 partners with custom home builders to deliver great solutions.

Offering Commercial Applications

Offices, restaurants, retailers, and hotels can create completely connected environments that improve efficiencies and offer a superior experience for customers and employees. Digital21 offers commercial solutions that create smart environments for improved efficiency that translates into profitability.

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