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Control is Everything

Your home really is your castle. There has never been a more exciting time for homeowners who want the very best in home entertainment, security, and automation. We make it easy. Welcome to Digital21.

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Home Automation

The modern home is increasingly becoming an automated one. The modern home is smart. Imagine coming home to a place that knows what you like and what you what. From room temperature and lighting preferences to your favourite music, home automation makes it happen, like magic!

Experience uncompromising quality

Home Theatre

Modern home theatre systems offer the finest picture and sound quality ever experienced. Home theatre technology continues to grow by leaps and bounds. From 8K resolution to audiophile sound, the future looks, and sounds, fantastic.

Music the way it was meant to be heard

Home Audio

Music brings your home to life. Bring music to your entire home with our state-of-the-art home audio solutions. We build the system to meet your specific audio requirements and integrate it with your smart home – all installed and set up with professional and expert care.

Illuminate your life


One of the best and easiest ways to introduce smart home technology is through lighting. The ability to control and program the lighting in your home is a game-changing upgrade to your environment. Smart home lighting systems offer versatility. Program lights to turn on and off, dim automatically, and adapt to your mood.

Experience peace of mind with


Managing home security has never been easier. Forgot to lock the front door? Do it from your phone. Want to see when the kids get home? Watch them arrive. Set your alarm and know that it will work even if the power goes out and even if the internet is interrupted. That’s peace of mind.

A Strong Signal

Wireless Networks

Home wireless networks connect your tablet, PC and smart phone to your home network and the Internet, allowing you to control things from your favourite devices. Digital21 can make sure your network signal reaches everywhere, no matter how large your property is.

Build it smart

Home Builders

Digital21 partners with custom home builders to help make clients’ dreams come true. There is no better time to plan for connected home requirements than when the home is being designed. Find out how we can work together to deliver great solutions.

Your business connected

Commercial Applications

Workplaces are becoming smart too. Control everything in your environment. Offices, restaurants, retailers, and hotels can improve efficiencies and offer a superior experience for customers and employees using Digital21 solutions. Learn more.

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