Outdoor Speakers – Amplify your Outdoor Patio this Summer

Written By Cale Kerkhof On July 6, 2021

A premium outdoor sound experience is about more than just choosing the right playlist. Customizing your backyard sound system with specialty outdoor speakers will provide you with balanced, professional quality sound that can be enjoyed year round. 

An outdoor patio with hidden outdoor speakersThe Importance of Outdoor Speakers

When choosing the right AV equipment for your outdoor space, it’s important to select products that are designed to be outside. While indoor speakers will corrode from exposure to the elements, Triad outdoor speakers feature anti-corrosion aluminum alloy grills meant to withstand rain, snow, heat and humidity, while still providing a sophisticated, state of the art sound. 

Outdoor Pool with hidden speakers
Determining Your ‘Zones’

Calming jazz on the veranda? Folk tunes by the fire pit? Depending on the size of your space, you may need multiple speaker sets to maximize your sound quality. Placing a speaker at your patio door and another 50 yards away in your garden won’t provide you with balanced sound distribution. Dividing your backyard into zones and surrounding each zone with a group of outdoor speakers will help to balance your sound.

Triad Outdoor SpeakersThe Right Speakers For Your Space

Now that you know where you’d like your speakers, it’s time to choose the right models to complement your space. For covered spaces, like porches, awnings and verandas, corner mounted speakers like Triad’s Outdoor OD25 or OD26 can be installed into the ceiling for surround-sound amplification. Garden Array series speakers are a great option for poolsides, courtyards and gardens where they can be integrated into the landscaping for a discreet look and comprehensive sound.


Integrating Sound Into Your Connected Home

The best part about premium outdoor speakers is that they can be seamlessly integrated into your connected home, making your outdoor entertainment system as simple and intuitive as your indoor set up. A strong wireless internet connection and proper wiring with the appropriate conduits are essential to your speaker installation. Review the specs of your speakers to determine which models are right for you!


If any of this is confusing, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Consult the experts at Digital21 and we’ll help to bring your outdoor sound dreams to life.