Outdoor TVs – Everything You Need To Know

Written By Cale Kerkhof On June 4, 2021

Outdoor TVs – We break down everything you need to know

Adding a TV to your outdoor space is the perfect way to make your backyard as sophisticated and practical as the rest of your connected home. Instead of rushing to move that spare TV out to the patio, consider installing a Sunbrite outdoor TV  to guarantee you the best durability and quality for your outdoor space.


Weather Resistant

An ordinary television won’t hold up outside. Save yourself the hassle of constantly replacing your TV and invest in a television that’s designed to withstand the outdoors. 

If your backyard is exposed to the elements and you plan on leaving your TV outside year-round, it’s best to choose an outdoor television that is designed to resist rain, snow, heat, humidity, dust, and insects. With an outdoor temperature range of -31° to 40° C, a powder-coated aluminum exterior, and weatherproof cables, Sunbrite TVs guarantee durability without sacrificing quality.


Anti-Glare Technology

Location is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an outdoor TV. They are 50% brighter than indoor TVs, making them easy to see in the competing sun. Depending on the specific sun exposure of your TV, Sunbrite offers three series: Full Shade, Partial Shade, and Full Sun. TruVision Antiglare Screen Technology, Optiview Technology, and Solar Tolerance Technology work in tandem to give you a superior viewing experience no matter the location of your TV. 



Like everything else in your connected home, your outdoor TV can be integrated into your system and easily digitally controlled. Ensure that your wireless connection is strong enough to reach outdoors so that your experience is as smooth outside as it is inside. Consider also a mount that complements the weight and size of your TV for the best possible installation and safety. 

When you put an indoor TV outside, the risk is greater than the reward. Outdoor damage caused to indoor TVs is not covered by warranties, whereas outdoor TVs, including Sunbrite, typically offer 2-year warranties

There’s a lot to consider when planning your outdoor set up. If you’re looking for a smooth transition to a connected outdoor space, contact the experts at Digital 21— We can’t wait to get started!