Planning Your Outdoor A/V Before Landscaping Begins

Written By Cale Kerkhof On May 12, 2021


Optimize your Outdoor A/V this summer!

A dynamic outdoor entertainment system is a sure-fire way to make the most of your summer. Connected outdoor A/V can be customized to fit the unique needs of your space and your lifestyle— from surround sound speakers to immersive lighting, and everything in between. Coordinating your AV needs with your landscaping needs before you begin renovating will help to ensure that your installation runs smoothly.

Here are some elements to consider as you curate your outdoor space:

close-up of outdoor speaker, outside

Outdoor Speakers: Hidden or on display?

When designing a luxury space, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for aesthetics. Custom made Triad speakers can be seamlessly integrated into your landscape for a discreet look, or designed to your liking with veneers and wood finishes to suit your environment. Both weatherproof and adjustable, these speakers can be installed throughout your outdoor space for balanced, high quality sound.

pool lit at night

Outdoor Lighting: Safe and Stylish

Going for a late night swim? Looking to set the mood for date night? Premium outdoor lighting is integral to both safety and ambience in your outdoor space. Integrated lighting allows you to customize your surroundings with dimmers, colour options and timers. Establish early on how lighting can best compliment your landscaping so that you can enjoy your space all hours of the day.

outdoor covered patio with fireplace and TV

Outdoor TVs: Year-Round Entertainment

While indoor televisions are made for controlled environments, SunBrite TVs are designed to withstand snow, rain and extreme temperatures. Determining the placement of your outdoor TV early on allows you to choose the perfect specs for your environment and sun exposure. Plus, glare-free screens mean you never miss a thing, even on the sunniest days!

outdoor patio being covered by screens

Patio Screens: Get Your Shade On

Sun getting in your eyes? Motorized patio screens, like these from Screen Innovation, keep your space private, cool, and pest-free. With the option of wired or wireless installation, screens can easily become an integrated part of your connected home. 

Each of these elements require unique set-ups to be integrated into your connected home. Coordinating your landscaping with your technology can streamline your installation process, earning you more time to relax in your new space.

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