Home Automation

Whole home automation and simplified control systems using Control4. Home Automation is a fast growing convenience in today's age of busy schedules.

Features of an automated home include:

Automated door locks that can be controlled away from home and set with entry codes allowing emails to be sent to you when entered. Letting you know when your kids came home from school or the cleaning service has arrived.

Automated lighting triggered by the time of day. If you come home at night and open the front door, your entrance way lights can come on automatically allowing you to see where you are going.

Automated heating and cooling can be programmed to change based on the time of day or if the house is being occupied. If the house has dipped below a certain temperature, gas fireplaces throughout the home can be triggered to come on until desired temperature has been reached again.

Automated security cameras can sense motion and trigger an event to turn certain lights on.

Automated blinds and shading can open as the sun raises in the morning and close at night for privacy.

These are just a small fraction of what home automation can do for you and your family.

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